Drilling Fluids Engineering Technology

DFE tech

Professional Mud School

Tyler, Texas


Corporate Quarters and other Places to stay while attending

DFE tech





DFE tech offers School Living Quarters that provide a home away from home for up to 5 students.

The corporate unit is a furnished house on 9 acres.

It is quiet, spacious, and is furnished with

extra-long twin beds. All accommodations are included such as washer-dryer, utensils, towels, sheets, TV,

. Maid Service is provided every two weeks and the lawn is taken care of by DFE tech.

The rules are simple - Treat it like your own home. The neighborhood is peaceful and quiet. It is not a party

or frat house. It is rather school sponsored quarters for serious engineering students. This also provides perfect

study group conditions for the goal oriented students.

Reservations are required and are on a first-come-first-served basis. Rooming charges are $260 per week and

$1,820 for 7 weeks. We realize that travelers come a day or so early and leave a day or so late.

There is no charge for the weekends before and after the 6-7 weeks

Arrival times and leaving times are included in the 6-7 week price...

Ideal study conditions for the serious student


Our links to the DFE tech corporate quarters and links to other local rooming establishments

that work with DFE tech to assist students with housing are below...



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