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Tyler, Texas


Placement Information




Although DFE tech does not and cannot promise any graduate a job, DFE tech works hard to place our graduates. We have assisted in locating positions for upwards of 70% of our 2010 / 2011 graduates.

What we do promise our students, however, is a world class, technical, professional education in the field of Drilling Fluids Engineering.

There are several factors controlling our ability to place our graduates. In a perfect world, placement would be a snap. In the real world of State Regulations, Federal Government Rules, and the increased personal background checks on prospective employees, placement becomes a pawn in the game of Politics and Economics

As a regulated Texas Career School, we are mandated by the Texas Workforce Commission to maintain a required standard of graduate employment - 60% minimum placement is required. Good times, bad times, no matter... The TWC requires compliance to minimum




placement requirements whether the Industry is hiring, firing, laying off, booming, or in the ditch.

Although we did not create DFE tech to be a placement agency, we must comply with this extra responsibility and add it to our already stringent training requirements as a successful Texas Career School...and yes, we do help to place our qualified graduates.

DFE tech has colleagues and associates in the Fluids Industry all over the country. We maintain a Master Service agreement through our Parent Company, PFE Services, LLC, with one of the premier, major fluids companies in the Industry as well. Even so, like any other industry, the Oilfield has its ups and downs.

When the price of oil is up, Operators are drilling and producing hydrocarbons. Companies work hard and hire good help in these good times. In times of economic and political strife, Oil Futures may lag behind a bit. Operators will not drill when profits are in the red.


When the economy slows down, hiring slows down and often gives way to layoffs and / or slow times in many industries.

I remember attending college while working in the oilfield. Since I was working different areas, I had to attend different colleges... four, in fact. Not one of the colleges I attended asked me if I had a job... Not one of the colleges called me after attending to see if I had a job... Imagine that.

Procuring work after training in any field requires a good attitude, a good knowledge of your work, good grades, an ability to work well with others, and a goal-setting mind. In the final analysis, no one but you will get you through an interview successfully.

DFE tech cannot predict the economic future, the political fallout, or the backgrounds of students who qualify to attend our school... Bad driving records, DWIs, Felonies, Low Oil Prices, Federal Restrictions... ( all of which are an active, functional part of the real world ) have a direct impact on placement outcomes.

PS... If you aren't willing to relocate, this is probably not a profession to be pursuing.