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Frequently Asked Questions





Q: How long does the course last ?
A: The Drilling Fluids Engineering course is a seven (7) week course.


Q: What are the class hours ?
A: The class hours are from 8:45am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. From 8:45 to 10:00 every morning DFE tech provides supplemental tutoring and reiteration of materials that were discussed during the days or weeks prior. The time from 8:30 to 10:00 is optional, but the students that attend the study groups always fare better than those who do not. Note: DFE tech is NOT responsible for tutoring students, however, we make ourselves available with ample time for reiterations prior to the start of class each day. If the student needs clarification, the student should be in class at 8:45 for reviews.


Q: What materials do I need to bring to class ?
A: You will need a laptop computer, a non-programmable (inexpensive) basic calculator, a spiral notebook, a three ring binder, and a High School diploma copy (or higher) OR GED. If you do not have a laptop, DFE tech may furnish one for you while attending the course.


Q: Are there books and other materials we need to purchase ?
A: You will need a pen or two (some prefer pencils) and your thinking hat. DFE tech furnishes all study materials.


Q: Does DFE tech offer financing ?
A: We do not. We offer scholarships of up to $2500 for qualified students. The Texas Workforce Commission infrequently sponsors students who pass their requirements and IF their area has Drilling Fluids Engineering on their demand list. The TWC generally does not pay for the entire tuition amount, which leaves a smaller balance that the student is responsible for. The VA approved (GI Bill) also sponsors students and they usually remit the entire approved cost of the course. Most all veterans are eligible for training at DFE tech.


Q: When is the tuition due ?
A: Tuition is due the first day of class unless the TWC / VA / or another sponsor has already submitted paperwork for the student attending DFE tech.


Q: Does tuition include room and board ?
A: No. Housing and meals are the responsibility of the student. See the website dfetech.org and select "rooming".


Q: What if I have to drop the course... will I be reimbursed ?
A: The refund schedule is in the catalog on the web. If you should have to drop, you will only be charged for the time you attended DFE tech. Your refund will be prorated accordingly.


Q: There are other schools (2) that offer this type of course., and seem to be cheaper than DFE tech. Are the results better, the same, or otherwise after graduation from any of the three ?
A: Searching the web for your answer to this will be the best method for you to determine the best path for you. There is plenty of information concerning the issue out there which comes from sources other than DFE tech. When our students graduate, they have no problem obtaining work. Because of their extensive training in both the comprehensive and the mathematical parts of fluids engineering, they are well prepared and not asked to "go back to school" by their employers.


Q: How may I be a student for a corporate sponsor ?
A: A corporate sponsor will send their students to DFE tech from time to time. Corporately sponsored means that the student is hired by an oilfield related sponsor and that the student has employment with the sponsor when he graduates from DFE tech.


Q: Does DFE tech accept International students ?
A: Yes. DFE tech will provide an acceptance letter, but DFE tech does not assist in procuring a VISA or work permit. If you need a letter of acceptance, email michelle@pfeservices.com.


Q: Do I need a college degree to attend DFE tech?
A: No. You do need a copy of your High School diploma OR a GED OR a higher degree to attend. However, a two year degree or a full four year degree will help graduates obtain employment quicker.


Q: What if I have a DUI, DWI, poor driving record, misdemeanors, or a felony ?
A: Employers often issue vehicles, equipment, and credit cards to their fluids hands. A bad driving record, a DWI, a DUI, misdemeanors, felonies, etc (within 7 years) are serious detriments to the chances of employment for any graduate. The best chances of becoming an employee lie with the graduates with clean records.


Q: Can DFE tech guarantee me a job when I graduate ?
A: No. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee anyone a job after graduation. What we can and do guarantee is a World-Class professional education in the field of Drilling Fluids Engineering. We also offer 'placement assistance' to our graduates who do well in class. We can guarantee that we will help place you if you demonstrate good work / study ethic in class, which will ,manifest itself in good grades, good posture, and other notable areas of personal development including your ability to participate and communicate positively with others while attending DFE tech. We are very hard pressed to assist those who have negative background issues. Also, DFE tech cannot control the activities of the Governmental bodies that regulate drilling across the Nation. At present, there is very little public land (govenmental) that the administration allots for drilling - Most all the current drilling is taking place on privately (citizen) owned land. We cannot control the economics of the US.  That being said, the TWC requires us to be certain that over 60% of our graduates are placed each year no matter what. Remember, DFE tech is a professional Career School, not a placement agency, but we must assume the role of a placement agency from time to time in order to maintain the quota required.


Q: Is DFE tech an 'accredited' school and is the tuition tax-deductable ?
A: No. 'Accredited' means that a school is eligible for Federal funding (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Pell Grants, etc) and the curriculum of an 'accredited' college is measured in semester hours. DFE tech is a Texas Career College and our curriculum is based upon credit hours, not semester hours. Therefore, according to the law, since we are not measured in semester hours, we are not an accredited school. However, all expenses incurred while attending DFE tech ARE tax deductable... mileage, meals, rooming, etc.


Q: Who hires DFE tech graduates ?
A: Drilling Fluids Companies all over the US require good hands to properly maintain their drilling fluids. DFE tech has hands working for every major fluid company and many minors and major-minor fluid companies from Canada To Brazil. All fluids companies are looking for serious, well trained mud techs.
Q: Does DFE tech have a dress code?
A: YES. DFE tech is a professional Drilling Fluids Career School. Fluids Techs are not rig hands, we do not work for the Contractor and we do not sling pipe, turn valves, or tote sacks. We are expected to present ourselves as professionals, including our appearance. DFE tech expects our students and graduates to do the same. You can find DFE tech's dress code here: dress code

This page is always under construction ... If you have a question that needs to go on the FAQ page, email us at admissions@dfetech.org