Drilling Fluids Engineering Technology

DFE tech

Professional Mud School

Tyler, Texas





DFE tech was legally registered with the State of Texas in Mid-2008. DFE tech's first class began in November of 2008.

DFE tech is locally owned and operated in Tyler, Texas and is the only Career School we Operate.

DFE tech is a public Career School as well as a corporate training facility for many Professional Drilling Fluids Companies.

DFE tech's curriculum mirrors that of all three Major Fluids Companies and utilizes materials from the manuals of all three majors as well as other manuals and field training materials.

DFE tech utilizes Technical, Practical, and Proprietary engineering training ( patented processes and trademarked {MDR}). Our proprietary curriculum is the basis of the Mud Tech's Core Responsibility in the field and is not taught at any other Fluids School in the US Industry or abroad.

DFE tech's curriculum is focused primarily upon practical and technical aspects of drilling fluids engineering with little emphasis upon product margins & margin.

Class training includes extensive discussion and testing procedures on both water based and oil based fluids.


Rig acclamation is the only area that DFE tech cannot physically impart to our hands. But because of their specific training and knowledge and You Tube, they require less OJT time than most other industry graduates require in order to stand alone.

When our students graduate & leave DFE tech they are prepared professionals, trained in details of proper fluids engineering...

any drilling fluid, on any rig, anywhere.

Since our inception in 2008, DFE tech has trained graduates that are successfully working at all the major Fluids Companies and many minors and independents from Canada to Brazil and overseas.

DFE tech Career School is approved and regulated by the

Texas Workforce Commission

and is

VA Approved (Vets Welcome)

DFE tech

13950 Spur 364

Tyler, TX   75709

903-504-5211 office


The Instructor

DFE tech's instructor has logged over 34 years in the field, operations, and training. The majority of the field work occurred in Deep Water in the Gulf Of Mexico and in technical overseas advisory work. In the field, 20 years of extensive study in practical applications of formal engineering methods & calculations were formulated and applied (patents pending). Another 14+ years were logged in Operations, Technical Advisory, and formal Training / Instruction. DFE tech brings the knowledge gained in these years of field and Ops experience to the classroom stage with the professional instruction and training techniques of Michael Rowden. Michael attended Mud School with IMCO Services and has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Michael brings over 34 years experience in the field, operations, advisory, training, and patented process technology (MDR-tm & DKD-tm) to DFE tech.

DFE tech is a TEXAS Career School

offering a World Wide Occupation